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Hi, I am Mike Cassady. Welcome to Mike's Coins. I have been a collector of US and Canadian coins, especially Lincoln cents, since the mid 1950's. I got interested in coins when I held up a 1943 cent from across the room, and my dad, John Cassady Jr., was able to tell me the year. Of course, little did I know at that time that the zinc/steel cents were all from 1943....

For availability of coins, or inquiry, my e-mail address is: mike.ann@mchsi.com

You can use this address to transfer PayPal payment for any items listed. Please contact me first to ensure that the items are still available and what postage and insurance costs should be added. I also accept cashiers checks, money orders, bank drafts, and personal checks. Personal checks may have to clear depending on the value of the item.

Here are some of the coins I have for sale:

Lincoln Cents

Common dates 1909 to 2001 - e-mail your needs for a price quote.
1922-D PCI VF30 Very Weak D 100.00
1937-S MS60 2.00

Lincoln Cents - Sets

1982 to Date Gem BU Blank Planchet Set 6.00
(Above set includes Type 1 (zinc/no rim),
Type 2 (zinc/w rim), and Type 3 (Cu clad))

Lincoln Cents - Uncirculated Rolls

1959-P Gems in plastic 5.00
1960-P LD Gem Original Bank rolls 6.00
1960-D SD Beautiful coins! 4.50
1962-P 4.00 DDO Year! Original rolls!
1964-D 4.00 RPM Year!
1968-S 4.00
1969-S 8.00 Rare DDO Year!
1970-S 4.00
1971-S 5.50
1972-S 5.50
1973-D 3.50 Gems from a full bag
1973-S 5.50
1974-D 3.50 Gems form a full bag
1974-S 5.50
1968 to 74-S Set of 7 Gem Hand Picked Rolls 28.00
1982-P Cu SD Crimped end roll - nice! 10.00
1982-D Zn SD Some spotting on these 4.00
1999-D Gem Sealed Original rolls 1.25
2000-D Gem Sealed Original rolls 1.25

US Mint Sets In Original Envelopes

2000 20.00

Canadian Mint Sets In Original Envelopes

1964 (Silver) 9.00
1968 4.00
1969 4.00
1970 5.00
1971 4.00
1972 4.00
1974 4.00
1975 4.00
1978 4.00
1980 5.00

Coin Paperweight Reproductions (3" diameter - 3 oz.)

I routinely have several of the following paperweights up for auction on Yahoo! If you have won one or several of these paperweights on my auctions and wish to take advantage of these great discount quantity prices, you can save a lot of money. You can forget the auction total if these prices are better for you! The more I sell of these, the cheaper for you as I have to buy these in great quantities to qualify as a dealer. Here is a list of prices which includes postage:

Quantity Cost w/postage included

1.............. 4.11
2.............. 7.25
3.............. 10.15
4.............. 13.00
5.............. 15.70
6.............. 17.70*

*Free postal insurance for orders of six or more pieces. Just add 2.00 per paperweight for orders over six pieces. (See an example of the paperweights - a 1913-S Buffalo Nickel in the Picture Gallery).

1856 Flying Eagle Cent
1877 Indian Head Cent
1909-S-VDB Wheat Cent
1972-S Memorial Cent
1877 Shield Nickel
1885 Liberty Nickel
1913-S Buffalo Nickel
1985 Jefferson Nickel
1916-D Mercury Dime
1965 Roosevelt Dime
1916 Standing Liberty Quarter
1927 Standing Liberty Quarter 1972 Washington Quarter
1976 Bicentennial Quarter
1999 First Five State Quarters
1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1963 Ben Franklin Half Dollar
1964 Kennedy Half
1976 Bicentennial Half Dollar
1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half
1884-S Morgan Dollar
1922 Peace Dollar
1976 Eisenhower Bicentennial Dollar
1907 20.00 "Gold Piece"
1882 20.00 "Gold Piece"

1776 Continental Dollar Pewter Reproduction (PPD)

1 coin 3.59
2 coins 6.50*
3 coins 9.00 (See Picture Gallery)

*My guaranteed delivery free for orders of 2 or more.

Shipping and Insurance

I can ship several rolls of cents for 3.85 flat rate priority mail. One roll of cents is 1.80 by first class mail. The first 50.00 of insurance is 1.30. Each additional 50.00 value is 1.00. I ship high value coins by registered mail. Cost is normally about 9.00.

Thanks for visiting my site. God bless you!

1955/1955 Doubled Die

Last update: 25 Nov 08